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Why are you trying to be enough in your self?, Why are you fighting to be independent in your self?, How long would you be sufficient?. What is self sufficiency? Self sufficient means able to provide for one self independently,.able to maintain oneself or itself without outside aid : capable of providing for one’s ownContinue reading “SELF SUFFICiENCY”


Visiting for the first time?, Do well by going through the blog, like, follow, comment, and invite friends. love you all❣️ For every step, taken their must be a plan.Before a house can be constructed, there must be a sketch. Before embarking on a journey you must have a map of wherever you are goingContinue reading “DO YOU HAVE A PlAN🤷?”


if you are back visiting Bone’s blog for the first time, do well to like, follow, comment, invite your friends and families to the blog. What type of friends do you like? A trustworthy, reliable, kind, loving, caring, amiable, lenient, persevere, open minded ( fill in the rest) lady/ guy. Don’t be, because I prayContinue reading “EXPECTATIONS”

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